Gorgeous and glittering silver marriage gifts for couples

25 years is a long time to know each other and it is a victorious feeling. Most people would say that they have never thought that they would come such a long way. On 25th year of marriage, take a look at some of the amazing silver jubilee gifts that you can get for your loved couples, parents, husbands, and wives. Ready-made gifts are available in local shops which would be good but you can also try your hands in creating something romantic for your love. Take a look at some of the gift options mentioned below:

Wind chime:

Some people believing in Feng Shui say that the soothing sound of tinkles coming out of wind chimes are healing in nature. The sound scatters the message of love, peace, and harmony in your home. When you are in your 25th year of togetherness, you must have your children and some grandchildren as well. Many new things and new ways are regularly applied by the new generation and you live in quite a bliss. Spread the words of your mom and dads love more with this wedding anniversary gift for parents. You can buy it or make it on your own with some sea shells.

Fragrant candles:

Candles are always a delightful gift idea to show your love for people. Candles are always used as a tool of spreading light and that’s why this is a positive gift. Buy some colorful and fragrant candles for your sweetheart and present it to him/her. Lit up all the candles before he/she arrives in your room for a nice surprise.

Personalized lamp shade:

Bring out the best of your pictures together and contact a shop that would create a floor lamp with these pictures. Glittering up the room by switching on this lampshade right at midnight would be a moment to remember for another 25 years. If your parents are about to celebrate their 25th year of marriage, you can get this wonderful idea as 25th anniversary gifts for parents along with a designer cake.

Mason jar of memories:

25 years mean the couple has spent 1/4th of a century with each other and there are countless memories to be etched in heart. Bring a mason jar and fill that up with some tokens of your memories, like a clutcher clip, ring, ticket to some place, menu card of a coffee shop, movie tickets (if you have kept your first movie ticket), bill of nursing home (after your first baby), etc. In fact you have fill up this jar with all those life changing memorable events. It would be a really emotional moment for you and your partner.

Recreate the marriage moment again:

Many people I know have done this already and believe me, it is going to be real fun! As a child, you were not present when your parents tied the knot but you can have the privilege of watching them tie the knot again. Arrange their marriage again and book the same caterer, venue, and designer dresses. This idea is truly romantic and touching to remember forever.