The 10 Most Influential Personal Lifestyle Bloggers

There are times when we meet personalities that change a lot in us. They influence our behavior to a great extent. We start adapting their mannerism, the way they dress, the way then carry a certain style and much more.

Blogging world has also seen such influential personalities that have carved a way for themselves and influenced thousands of us across the country.

  1. Meena – AngelMstyle

She is a self made personal and Lifestyle Blogger who has made a mark in the blogging world with her unique and on the edge style statements. Her blog AngelMstyle sets out to carve different niche for itself.

  1. Kritika Khurana- That Boho Girl

She is a lifestyle blogger completely on the top of her game. Her style statements are filled with boho versions and make her blog The Boho girl stand out of the crowd.

  1. Sejal Kumar

This young enthusiast has influenced a chunk of her followers and why not? She likes keeping it classy yet trendy which is the rule book to fashion guide.

  1. Aanchal Goel- The Multifaceted Diary

She is one strong influencing personality with her blog The Multifaceted Diary. Her blog and style not only influences but inspires a lot of them. Her idea of focusing on minute details of fashion is explicable.

  1. Naina Redhu- Naina.Co

This south Indian Fashion Blogger came up with her blob and there has been no looking back since. Her cut to cut fashion statements and her basic approach towards fashion is what that has made her different from the league.

  1. Debashree Banerjee- All She Needs

All She Needs is her blog that covers all the picky and detailed aspects of fashion and lifestyle blogging. There is nothing that you will not find on her blog. Her blog is a total blockbuster package.

  1. Masoom Minawala- Style Fiesta diaries

Pretty as her name, her blogging world is equally pretty. Style Fiesta Diaries is all about bringing a change and that is what this blogger heads out for. She makes ends meet and holds an influential blogging space.

  1. Devyani Kapoor- Breviloquent

There is nothing ordinary about her blog. Everything from her fashion picks to her personal lifestyle is super influencing. Her approach to fashion and simple classy styles are winning hearts all over.

  1. Juhi Godambe

This Mumbai based style diva has been creating fashion rage all over. Her cult fashion choices and lifestyle is influencing people all over. Her style statements are always clean and simple.

  1. Riya Jain- Caughtinacuff

This is a personal and lifestyle blogger including travel diaries. Her vision for life and power packed presence is what that keeps her influencing.

Influencers are game changers. Check out for them and get some inspirational and influential lifestyle tips.