Sexy and Comfortable: Lingerie that Looks as Good as it Feels

Whether you’re dressing up for a cozy night in or you’re looking to conquer the day with the perfect underpinnings beneath your office wear, lingerie is truly the best foundation for any good outfit. However, the problem arises when you’re sifting through various fits and materials, hoping to find the one combination that gives your boudoir wear a little extra oomph. If you’re tired of cruising the racks at your favorite shops and coming home empty-handed, look no further! Here are a few important elements to consider before you set out on your best lingerie haul, so you can embrace your confident inner goddess and feel as lovely as you are.

Materials that are kind to your skin.  Although it’s easy to assume that form follows function when it comes to undergarments, sometimes the opposite is true. The first thing you need to know is how to pick the fabric that best suits the occasion. For example, something tight and lacy may be ideal for a romantic anniversary celebration with your beau, but it might not be comfortable to rock all day from 9-5.

If your lingerie does double duty in the boardroom and the bedroom, opt for an ultra-soft cotton with feminine elements, such as floral prints or lace accents. Amp it up a notch by choosing a smooth and sultry mesh, and you’ll get all of the revealing allure of a lace, but with a feel that’s softer on your body. Conversely, if you’re shopping for a nighttime only garment that is as provocative as it is comfy, a combination of silky satin and lace will give you the comfort and style to keep your beloved’s eyes on you.

Find a fit that’s true to you. Much like all of the other elements of your wardrobe, lingerie fit is key, as you’re undoubtedly going to want every curve hugged, not hidden or squished. This complication is compounded by the fact that sizes tend to vary from brand to brand, so even if you’re generally sure of your size, you could wind up just an inch or two off if you’re not careful.

If you haven’t been in for a bra fitting at your local boutique, that can be a great place to start, as it’s often a free service that allows a professional to measure you and determine your accurate sizing. Beyond that, they can make recommendations for styles in your size right then and there, which gives you the opportunity to try them on before you buy them. If that’s not an avenue you’re comfortable venturing down, many retailers have size charts on their website that will enable you to take your own measurements and shop accordingly.

Style that flatters is always beautiful. From bustiers to G-strings to bralettes, you certainly have your choice of styles when you’re shopping for lingerie. The sheer amount of options can feel a little overwhelming. Since the garment you’ve got your eye on may not look the same on your body as it does on the store’s mannequin, it’s a great idea to know the styles that work for you before you hit the shops.

If you’re a curvaceous queen with all the goods in all the right places, for instance, you’ll want to choose something that draws attention to the narrow part just above your hips, like a pair of high-waisted undies or garter belt. For the littler ladies among us, feel free to go for the lacy bralette, or a ruffly, uber-feminine bra that will provide the look of more curves.

How to best take care of your underwear. Understanding how to wash your lingerie seems simple—all you have to do is read the care tag, and you’ll be just fine. The truth, however, is a little bit more complicated, and the choices you make hinge a great deal on how long a lifespan you want your garments to have.

These days, many materials are able to be machine washed, but don’t just throw them in any old load! It’s important to always wash them in a delicate cycle, and to avoid both hot water in the machine and the heat of the dryer. Air-drying is the way to go if you want your beautiful investments to last, and you may want to consider using a mesh delicates bag as well, particularly for bras and items with hook-and-eye clasps. Not only does this prevent damage to the clothing itself, but it allows you to toss the bag in with other gentle-cycle items without worrying that a hook will tear into your garments. Additionally, if maintaining a like-new lingerie appearance is your top priority, you can always purchase delicate wash and clean them by hand.

If shopping for undergarments is a stressful experience for you, it doesn’t have to be that way! Simply apply a few basic principles, nail down your body type, and feel out the fabrics that will give you a tailor-made experience. Then, dress for success whatever the day brings, and start off with lingerie that looks gorgeous and fits you like a glove.