Why You Must Utilize WeChat For Growing Your Businessin China

There are presentlyaround 800 million WeChat users in China, which is growing at a considerable rate day by day. Some non-Chinese WeChat users’ rate it’s usefulness above current social messaging preferences such as WhatsApp, Line and Viber. It appears that WeChat has succeeded in outpacing its rival in its advancements in highly useful added features such as WeChat Pay QR Code, while not experiencing a downside on its simplicity of usage as a messaging tool.

The app is now so widespread in China’s lively cities that young urbanites are often no longer swapping phone numbers, but heading straight for the mobile platform as their default form of keeping in touch.

Which Demographic Uses WeChat?

The major demographic presently using WeChat are young urban citizens. This just happens to be the social group with the peaknumbers for making acquisitions using digital platforms in China. The Chinese youth are internet proficient and many have an growing level of disposable income.

It is undeniably crucial for businessesthat are aiming or considerentering the Chinese market to recognize the many trade benefits WeChat as a smartphone app brings. Corporations and customer activities such as marketing, sales of physical products and the pre-payment or booking of products and services are all eligible to be performed in the app via the WeChat Pay QR Code feature. WeChat pay is truly suitable for businesses of all industries – from booking a hotel or serviced office, to pre-ordering a taxi and even dining at restaurants, WeChat pay is the ultimate one-stop-shop solution for all marketing, sales, payments as well as customer retention activities.

Using WeChat for Business as anAdvertisingOutlet

WeChat is a more effective social tool than WhatsApp and Weibo. Weibo operates much like Twitter in that feeds are formed to permit users to receive information as it is released by chosen channels. WeChat is principally a text and audio service between independent users or small privately requested groups. Users can spread their reach by posting “moments” which are a torrent of images, text and links that are accessible only to their select contacts network. WeChat’s “moments” feature is comparable to the Facebook Wall idea, but in a more efficient fashion.

Gain access to any WeChat group can be rough from a marketer’s point of view, but once you are in you have a more particular and direct impact than on many other platforms.Chinese customersare characteristicallymore inclined by their peers than the average Western market and particularly WeChat’s younger user base. This additionalsupports the budding power of using WeChat for businesswhen looking to impact smaller groups and communities.

Employ WeChat for Business through a Sales Platform

WeChat is still determining how best to go about using it’sprospective as a payment platform in China. So far it has moved into B2C payments in areas such as plane tickets, movie tickets and taxi fares through the WeChat Pay QR Code feature.

To perform a payment with the WeChat Pay QR Code utility, WeChat users are to scan an offline or online QR code. Payments may be made inside a shopping stage contained within the app. Users link their bank accounts to WeChat and then payments are verified by the user through a distinct pin number.

Final Words

WeChat for businesses in China is clearing an exciting move and one all entrepreneurs should follow closely. Be sure to look out for information on the world of WeChat in the coming months, as this platform has a bright future and massive potential for international businesses. For more information about WeChat Pay QR Code as a payment solution in China, get in touch with a trusted WeChat Paysolution provider today.