Maintenance of the ring for your wedding or engagement

Here are some tips to properly maintain your jewel and ensure the best longevity.

The actions to be taken not to damage his ring whether it’s just gold rings, Natural Sapphire Rings, silver rings or stones, it’s important to maintain them to keep them bright.

An essential rule: remove the ring when it is likely to be knocked or scratched – sport, shower, beach, household chores – or in case of exposure to significant heat sources.

However, the ring can lose its luster over time because of micro-scratches on the metal, which is quite normal. It is recommended to keep it separately from other jewelry that may scratch it, in fabric pouches or jewel cases. This recommendation is valid for all jewelry. Non-rhodium silver rings must be stored in special pockets to protect them from blackening.

Petragems silver rings are always rhodium-plated, so they keep their beautiful shiny look and do not darken.

Maintenance of the ring mounts

Ring mounts, whether in gold, platinum or silver, tend to fade over time. The cleaning of the frame differs according to the metal and must be scrupulously respected.


There are several ways to clean your gold ring:

Soapy lukewarm water: Soapy lukewarm water: immerse the ring in a bowl of lukewarm water with a little soap or washing-up liquid, scrub with a soft cloth and rinse with clear water. If the jewel is crimped, use a toothbrush, reserved for this purpose, to rub the underside of the stones where the impurities are lodged.

Products specifically formulated for the maintenance of gold jewelry

If gold is a stainless metal, it can nevertheless have color variations (especially in the case of white gold) or tarnish over time because of micro-scratches. In this case, it is advisable to repolish the jewel, which will allow the jeweler to also check the set stones with a magnifying glass.


Silver rings not rhodium (old) tend to blacken, especially because of the acidity of the skin and moisture. Simple gestures, however, help maintain your silver ring:

With a chamoisine, clean the ring regularly and gently.

Use products dedicated to the maintenance of silverware to eliminate traces of oxidation.

Petragems silver rings are always rhodium-plated, so they keep their beautiful shiny look and do not darken.

Maintenance of the stones of the ring

Impurities (soap, products) accumulate quickly behind the stones, prevent the light from passing and reduce their brightness. The cleaning of stones is important, do not hesitate to do it very often, especially since it is very simple: rub the stones gently with warm soapy water and a toothbrush with Extra soft bristles, reserved for this purpose, to reach every nook and cranny. Be careful, hot water or soaking is prohibited on porous stones such as Emerald Cut Diamond, coral, opal or amber.

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on cleaning your stone.

You can also give sparkle to your gems by dipping them into specific products. At a jeweler’s, you can clean your ring in an ultrasonic bath, it will come out as new. Take the opportunity to request crimp verification.