Finding the Best Umbrella to Keep You Dry

Windy or rainy days are no fun when you are trying to make the commute to work each day. Trying to avoid getting wet during a rainstorm is not ideal, and not every umbrella is enough to cover you on your walk. Still, another problem that you might get into has an umbrella that is too big to fit in your bag when it’s not raining. Getting the best of both worlds is the desirable option, so here are three of the top women’s umbrellas to help keep you dry, look fashionable, and still save space at the same time.

Finding Your Umbrella

If you are looking for your ideal umbrella, there are a few things you should consider before you make any purchase. You need to consider the size of the umbrella both when it is open and closed. Most umbrellas will close down to a smaller size, but some are long and bulky. Another thing to consider is the weight of the umbrella. You’re going to be carrying it around, and depending on the length of your commute, you’re going to have to hold it for quite a while. You don’t want an umbrella that is too heavy for you to handle, and you don’t want one that is too light either. Which leads to the last thing to consider. What is the weather you tend to have most often while on your commute? If light rain is more common, you might invest in a smaller umbrella. If heavy wind storms and rain storms are more common, you might want a larger umbrella.

The Best Canopy

With some of the best spokes ever to be on umbrellas, the WindPro by Shedrain is a stylish umbrella that doesn’t flip inside out in heavy wind. In fact, you can easily trudge through heavy rain and winds without worrying about this umbrella breaking down in your hand. One of the most exciting things about this umbrella is the ability to dry immediately. Once you head inside, give the umbrella a good shake, and it dries quickly so you can store it away almost right away. One of the biggest cons about this umbrella is the weight. It is a heavier umbrella due to the heavy canopy.

Small but Stylish

Though it is more on the expensive side, this Burberry Compact Check umbrella is so compact that you will love storing it away. It folds to the size of 8 inches, and it is great for walking by yourself during a rainy or a breezy day. This umbrella also comes in several different colors and design options since it is a designer brand. It dries quickly when wet, and it has very few pinch points. The only con about this umbrella is the issue with opening and closing. Sometimes it does not move quite so smoothly.

Mini Brella

If you don’t need much to keep you dry, then this mini umbrella from Raintec is a great choice for your short walk from the house to the car during a rainy day. This umbrella is extremely lightweight, and it folds down to a super small 5 inches total. It is easy to store away, and it dries quickly as well. There are a few cons about this umbrella, unfortunately, but they are things that can be avoided. For example, this umbrella is not made for heavy rain and wind storms since it is made perfect for light showers and quick walks. Another con is the ease with which the umbrella opens and closes. It’s not so smooth.


When the rainy days hit and you are stuck trying to make that commute to work or the store, then you know how difficult it can be to stay dry while you trudge through the wind and rain. Umbrellas are a great way to keep you dry, but finding the best umbrella is not always easy. There are several umbrellas that are perfect for everything from super windy to light rain. You can always look for the ideal weight, size, and more for your perfect umbrella, or you could take a peek at the umbrellas we mentioned above. The best way to keep you dry and breeze-free are to get the best umbrella to make your commute easier and drier.