Why is Platinum Better than White Gold and the Benefits of Wearing Platinum Jewellery  


Platinum is one of the rarest metals on Earth and is better than gold because it is dense. Gold jewellery whether yellow or white gold is made with a mix of alloys. But platinum jewellery is 90%-95% pure platinum. Any engraving done on platinum jewellery is deeper than gold jewellery. This metal gives the feeling of luxury compared to gold.

An 18k gold is only 75% pure compared to what you would get in platinum. Since, platinum jewellery does not contain alloys like nickel and zinc, it makes this metal hypoallergenic. You are unlikely to catch any kind of skin allergy if you wear this jewellery daily.

Platinum is still better than white gold

  • White gold is created only through a ratio of alloys which turns the yellow color into gold.
  • White gold is 75% pure for 18k, just like the yellow gold.
  • Body fluids and chemicals from skin react with the alloys inside the gold.
  • Gold is not completely hypoallergenic.
  • No amount of rhodium coation can prevent oxidation in gold jewellery completely.
  • Oxidation does not happen with the platinum jewellery.
  • Platinum provides better strength and durability compared to white gold.
  • Platinum do not change color in reaction to chemicals.
  • Diamond jewellery looks great with the platinum metal.
  • Platinum jewellery can even last up to a century.
  • Though, platinum is high valued, it is low maintenance.

No wear and tear with platinum

Platinum jewellery is preferred for wedding and engagement rings because of its splendor and robustness. This is the metal that always stands test of time. They are simpatico and elegant in their look. This is also a better investment than gold, because this metal does not corrode with time. Platinum rings can be passed on from one generation to another. Any gemstone can be set into this metal and can last longer.

Platinum does not require regular polishing

Gold and silver jewellery are not completely pure and require high maintenance. Platinum takes care of itself and does not require regular polishing. A onetime maintenance is all you need for jewellery made in this metal. Platinum chains with beautiful pendants are available online. You can choose layered jewellery or minimalistic jewellery for any occasion. Platinum does not fade over time. This is what makes it a low maintenance metal.

Platinum is more expensive

Compared to white or yellow gold, jewellery made with platinum will be expensive. Platinum is always much heavier than gold jewellery. If you are looking at the budget, you might have to settle in for gold. However, if durability and beauty is your priority, then platinum is what you must be looking for.

Traditional jewellery is made in gold. If you are opting for something urban and contemporary, you can choose platinum. Most of the Asian weddings, you see the bride wearing gold jewellery, if the wedding is conducted traditionally.

Jewellery made with platinum will not scratch or dent. The only disadvantage is that, like gold, platinum cannot be re-used. Once you buy a jewellery made in platinum, it is permanent. You cannot change the design like you can with gold jewellery or items.