Piece of Charcoal Formed Under Pressure Is Diamond

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Thinking how diamonds are formed in nature then here’s depth knowledge on formation of diamonds in nature:

Formation of diamonds

You might know that carbon is the most important chemical element that’s found in abundant quantity in the entire universe.  It takes many forms on its own and out of which the most valuable appearance is a diamond. The purest form of carbon forms in three major components, such as graphite, coal, and diamonds.

Expert says that these three materials are similar and contain the same number and type of atoms. Their physical properties of these elements differ in their molecular structure. The formation of diamonds is believed as the coal piece that’s transformed under high temperature and pressure. However, many scientists proved this as the wrong concept.

Diamonds are formed deep in the earth which is about 100 miles below the earth surface in the mantle. This part of the earth is hot and requires huge pressure to bear down the weight of overlying rock, and this high pressure and temperature are necessary for the formation of a diamond crystal. The diamonds that are available at the surface are brought by a deep volcanic eruption.

Such eruptions are special and could be violent that happened quite long time ago and there’s no record for eruption occurred in recent times. That’s the time when the earth gets hotter and the eruptions are rooted deeply. When the eruption reaches the surface it builds up volcanic material and diamonds are formed once it’s cooled. After the diamonds are formed on the surface, it’s cooled relatively and the carbon atoms are locked in place, the remaining energy forms into graphite.

Role of carbon to form diamonds

Carbon atoms bond together to form crystals under high pressure and temperature, diamonds are formed. Due to temperature and pressure, carbon atoms form a strong bond with other carbon atoms to form a hard material. Diamonds are considered as a hard substance because each carbon atom is bonded to four atoms that form a strong covalent bond between the other carbon atoms.

Carbon atoms move into the vicinity and get attached with the other atoms for the growth of the crystal. Each of the crystal forms a diamond, one carat diamond, and represents millions of carbon atoms that further forms orderly crystalline structure.

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