Is there a way to get longer eyelashes other than the use of mascara?

No one knows how long does the history of mascara goes back but many claims that the wives and women in the era of pharaoh used to make use of mascara and other techniques to make their eyelashes appear thicker and longer. The longer eyelashes are a symbol of beauty, and the mascara bottle is an essential constituent of the makeup kit of the majority of the women. Since mascara is the easiest and the quickest solution to the more extended eyelashes, so the women love to move around with it.

Mascara couldn’t be your best friend for a longer time

However, the cost of mascara usage could be high when you get a stained and smudgy look on your face a few hours after wearing it. It could destroy your beautiful looks in a matter of second. Get a little itch eye, rub it and boom, your day is doomed as the whole eye would start looking as if you had got a punch there.

So what could be the other possible way of getting the longer eyelashes?

Thanks to the researchers and development made in the world of science that today we find some other solutions for thicker and longer eyelashes compared to the old ways. The new solutions are long lasting, less smudgy and permanent too and an affirmative answer r to your questions, “do eyelashes grow back.” So you need not wear your mascara every day and save yourself from getting to wear it off at night and wearing it again in the morning.

What are the methods to grow the longer eyelashes?

Several products, treatments, and therapies are in the market that you can avail to get the extended eyelashes. Depending on your need, the length of the results you wish to have, the budget you have settled on your eyelash treatments and above all the medical condition of your face and eyes, you can pick from any of the following solutions for longer eyelashes.

  • Serums, gels, and oils

Specific serums, gels, and oils found on the market that is designed specifically for the growth of the eyelashes. You must understand that the eyelash is not like a healthy hair. A lash hair cannot survive for more than three months, so no matter how long you aim to grow it, it will fall when the three months are complete. It is the reason the eyelashes rise to a limited extent. These products have given satisfactory results to the people who made use of them on a regular basis and according to the instructions for use.

  • Eyelash extensions

Another way of getting longer eyelash is to get the eyelash extensions. These extensions are the hair that gets immersed in the flesh of the eyelash area and are then set to stay there. They neither fall nor die, so you get a permanent solution for your fuller and thicker eyelashes. You can get this treatment from any of the good salons with ease.